I started sculpting in 1972 after supervising the construction of a monumental sculpture for the school where I taught. I spent 10 to 15 hours each week devoted to my art and more during the summer vacations. I worked with clay, stone, marble, steel, and bronze doing figurative, abstract, and narrative sculpture. During this time, my work was shown at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Albany Art Museum, Rockefeller Plaza, Jacob Javitz Court House, and shows in New York City, France, and Italy. I studied art at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and The New School in Manhattan.
          The balance between my full-time job teaching engineering and part time sculpting served me well in both endeavors. However, after 25 years, I was ready to take my sculpture to a new level that would have required my getting a new studio, power equipment, and fabricators. This would have ruined the balance of time I had achieved between my art and my teaching. My level of achievement in both areas was high, but in the end, I chose teaching and began working with ink and colored pencil as my artistic outlet.
           The work in my new medium became for the most part humorous rather than the serious nature my sculpture had become. I wrote and illustrated two books, one on the alphabet and one on numbers. I also composed weekly editorial cartoons for an educational newsletter.Recently I finished a series of artwork on fascinating locations and events in Brooklyn. Right now I am doing a series showing the essence of interesting pubic parks that are scattered throughout New York City.